The Trip…

Here is my first, long overdue, blog post for my drive across country and back.  This past summer I drove nearly 9,000 miles to photograph America.  The trip was inspired by Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck.  My initial plan was to follow Steinbeck’s route 50 years after he did to document the continued relevance of the themes in his book.  This plan has been brewing in my head since I first read Charley back in 1996.  14 years later, life being what it is…I couldn’t take his trip, so I am taking my own.

This blog is a chronicle of that journey…or at least phase 1.

Pre-trip prep.  T-minus 2 days.

I visited my old roommate, Crista, who was in from Texas.  At this point I wasn’t even sure I was going to take my trip.  Although Crista is one of my dearest friends, I hadn’t seen her since college.  As a woman who once spent a whole day dressed as a bunny wandering the streets of Austin, I knew she wouldn’t let me indulge in my “what ifs?”  As a bonus…it turned out that Crista’s father lives near Jack Kerouac’s former home on Long Island.  I took it as a sign, although at that point everything and anything was a sign that I should go, that I shouldn’t go, that I should go, that I should go.

Jack Kerouac’s house

The Long Island Sound

4 hours of driving down.  40+ days to go.

PS – Crista gave me permission to post this photo of her adventures as a bunny.    It was taken by Austin-based photographer, Edward Wayne.  I am so jealous that he got to follow her around all day!  I kind of wish she’d decide that Piermont needed a super bunny to protect its weirdness for a day…

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2 Responses to The Trip…

  1. rena mccullough says:

    Awesome photos!!! Glad to see the blog up, looking forward to reading about your epic trip.

  2. Sylvia Zunda & Rick Beck says:

    What a surprise to be a part of your blog & adventure! Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your trip, it will always remain a part of you.

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