Someone Forgot to Lock the Door…

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Someone forgot to lock the door to one of my favorite buildings in the city.  I went downtown today for a walking tour.   Tours are not usually my thing, but I really wanted to shoot this building.  When I got there, they said the tour only passed by, so I canned the plans and wandered over myself.  Surprisingly the building was open.   At first I thought I would find someone to ask permission to shoot, but I passed through two unlocked doors and entered countless rooms without seeing a single soul.  In the end it turned out the noise I was hearing was snow sliding off of the roof, so I decided not to press my luck, snapped a few shots and wandered back out again…

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2 Responses to Someone Forgot to Lock the Door…

  1. Terri Huntington says:

    Whoa! What was this building? How old? What was its function? A school? How amazingly creepy! I have a thing about abandoned buildings. I am jealous! Thrilled! Take me with you next time!

  2. Terri Huntington says:

    I should also mention that your pictures are fantastic. The colors! The absolute bleakness of the place! You can smell the mold and hear the water dripping.

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