Thank you!

After all of the excitement of the reception “one in ’10” reception on Wednesday, I managed to catch the fastest case of bronchitis ever…so, I am a little overdue in saying THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who came to or tried to come to the reception for “one in ’10” on the first, second and/or final date and everyone who encouraged me to take this trip.  The whole experience has been life changing, and I am so inspired to continue the project.  An extra huge thanks to Sidewalk Bistro for hosting the exhibit and reception, and I am, of course, especially grateful for the countless people who let me photograph them and shared their stories with me.

To everyone who could not make last Wednesday, here is a little back story/series description to entice you to come on over to see it.  The work will be up until the end of March.

“one in ’10” is a documentary series of photos that was taken on a road trip in the summer of 2010. The works of John Steinbeck, particularly Travels with Charley and America and Americans, inspired the project.  I drove over 8,000 miles in 43 days from New York to Kentucky, then west to California, north to Washington and home by way of Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The initial inspiration for the trip developed in 1996 when I first read Travels with Charley.  Although it had been written about a journey that had been taken decades earlier, I was struck by the continued relevance of Steinbeck’s observations, particularly those regarding our relationship with products, the environment and each other.  At the time I thought it might be something to duplicate the trip fifty years later and document, in photographs, how the country had and had not changed.  Over the years the project evolved in my mind and as I studied John Steinbeck, I realized I admire him in particular for his willingness to break the mold with each of his new works. With that realization came the decision that I would not replicate his trip, but take my own.  The photos in “one in ’10” represent America as I saw it during the first phase of what is now an ongoing project.  The people in the series represent just a few of those I met and photographed along the way.  A number of the portraits sprang from interactions that occurred, from start to finish, in as few as ten minutes.  In some cases that ten minutes grew into the time it takes for a person to welcome you into their home to tell you the story of their life.

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