Riverkeeper Sweep at North Cove

Here are some shots from Riverkeeper Sweep at North Cove in Inwood yesterday.   This is my third time shooting a clean-up at North Cove, and I am inspired every time.   The event was a true collaboration by Riverkeeper, Conservancy North, Manhattan Wetlands and Wildlife and MTA Ninth Avenue Unit Shop.  Beyond agencies and organizations, it was about people.  People from Inwood and beyond showed up to clean, BBQ, play music, listen to music, dance, check out classic cars, and even play tag – all in support of North Cove.  While much was accomplished, there is much work to be done to protect North Cove and all of our waterways.  Only time will tell the impact this weekend’s Indian Point oil spill will have on the Hudson River…

North Cove Clean-Up-1

Roger Meyer of Conservancy North battles an underground tire.

North Cove Clean-Up-3

Councilman Ydanis Rodríguez showed his commitment by joining the volunteer clean-up crew.

North Cove Clean-Up-9

Jim Cataldi and Councilman Rodríguez discuss environmental issues, while the kids explore. Jim “Birdman” Cataldi started it all through his individual efforts to clean out North Cove. Check out http://www.nycwetlands.org for more information.

North Cove Clean-Up-2 North Cove Clean-Up-4 North Cove Clean-Up-5 North Cove Clean-Up-6
North Cove Clean-Up-8
North Cove Clean-Up-11 North Cove Clean-Up-12 North Cove Clean-Up-13
North Cove Clean-Up-15 North Cove Clean-Up-16 North Cove Clean-Up-17 North Cove Clean-Up-18 North Cove Clean-Up-19 North Cove Clean-Up-20North Cove Clean-Up-21


More captions to come…when I can figure out why they are changing the order of the photos.   After midnight brain just can’t.

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