Indigenous Day of Remembrance


Yesterday I attended the Indigenous Day of Remembrance memorial at Columbus Circle.  I was invited to attend to photograph the event by one of the organizers, Luis Sanakori Ramos.  The event organizers stressed that this was no celebration.  It was a memorial to commemorate the destruction initiated by the arrival of Columbus in America. I was honored to pay my respects and spend time with some wonderful people from indigenous nations of the Caribbean, North America, Central America and South America.  Among the ceremonies were those that honored water and women.  The day was beautifully ended with a dance to Red Balloon by Charity.  This amazing 3rd grader choreographed a dance she said was inspired by her Taino heritage to a song that reminded her of freedom.   In the middle of Columbus Circle with Trump International Hotel and Tower in the background, the past and present were undeniably close.  Her spirit and dance infused me with hope, but also a renewed sense of responsibility as an educator and to communication as a human right.

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