I made this for one of my first darkroom assignments (a montage) in 2001. It has always been one of my favorites. I wish I could credit the original photographers, but it was 12 years ago, and I cut the pictures out of a magazine just for the assignment.  I was inspired by Long Walk to Freedom, which I had read years earlier.  It used to say “i dream,” but that crinkled over in my excitement to learn how to use a scanner way back when.  Either way, that is what Nelson Mandela inspires in me.

“It is what it is,” is such a popular expression these days.  Nelson Mandela showed us that “It is what it is…until it isn’t.”  Let go of the past, but there is no room for complacency when change is needed and human rights are at stake.

If I had to give you one reason that I am a Speech-Language Pathologist, it is this – to help people express themselves and tell their stories.  If I had to tell you one thing that drives me as a photographer, I would tell you the same thing.

Don’t take your voice for granted.

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Metro-North Derailment

Metro-North Derailment-1

NYFD on the scene

NYFD on the scene

Metro-North Derailment-3

Metro-North Derailment-4

Metro-North Derailment-5

Metro-North Derailment-12

Metro-North Derailment-10

news crew on Bronx rooftop

news crew on Bronx rooftop

NYPD divers

NYPD divers

Metro-North Derailment-6

Metro-North Derailment-11

photojournalists climbing up from Harlem River shore

photojournalists climbing up from Harlem River shore

Metro-North Derailment-14

photojournalist at work

photojournalist at work

These photos were taken from the hillside in Inwood Hill Park. The park paths were busier than I have ever seen them. It is so sad that it took something like this for many people to utilize this beautiful space and for me to feel safe enough to walk there alone. As I was shooting, I could not help but watch the photojournalists. I was impressed by how they much helped each other out, pointing out shots and sharing information, as the events unfolded. I was also struck by how respectful and not jaded they were. One told me this is why he never picks a fight with his girlfriend in the morning. He said his job has taught him that you can leave the house in the morning and never come home.

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Welcome Back to Rowing

Harlem River Community Rowing hosted the 2nd annual “Welcome Back to Rowing” a few weeks ago.  Experienced rowers are invited to join us for practice.  I absolutely love this event and getting rowers back in the boat and on the water.
Welcome Back to Rowing-4Welcome Back to Rowing-14 Welcome Back to Rowing-13 Welcome Back to Rowing-12

Welcome Back to Rowing-8 Welcome Back to Rowing-7
Welcome Back to Rowing-3 Welcome Back to Rowing-1

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Spuyten Duyvil

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Harlem River Community Rowing

It was a beautiful day to be on the water.


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Happy New Year (again)!

Chinese New Year Card 12x12 My first go adding graphics and grouping multiple images in Photoshop.  These are some of the last photos I took before I switched to a digital camera.  The originals files are a bit more washed out, but I lost that effect in trying to make that red circle bold enough to read.  Next time, right?  I had to learn at least five things that were giving me a headache to get this far.  I’ll take it.  Happy Year of the Snake!

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I spent Christmas morning with my new BFFs, Maggie and Gracie. I really want a dog.   Tumolo Christmas-24

Tumolo Christmas-26

Tumolo Christmas-28

Tumolo Christmas-29

Tumolo Christmas-30

Tumolo Christmas-31

Tumolo Christmas-32

Tumolo Christmas-33

Tumolo Christmas-34

Tumolo Christmas-36

Tumolo Christmas-35

Kerrie, Krista, Tracy and Waldo

Kerrie, Krista, Tracy and Waldo circa 1983
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